Final Major Class Comparison Report for 2023

Under state law (sec 70.05(5), Wis. Stats.), each municipality must assess major classes of property within 10 percent of full value in the same year, at least once within a five-year period. If the municipality is non-compliant after four consecutive years, the Wisconsin Department of Revenue (DOR) must notify the municipality of its non-compliance status. DOR issues the municipality a second non-compliance notice after five consecutive years of non-compliance, and issues an order for supervised assessment after six consecutive years of non-compliance.

The Major Class Comparison Report provides a history of each municipality's assessment compliance.

Definitions of terms in the report

  • EQ Admin Area - Equalization Bureau District Office that determines the municipality's Equalized Value

  • County - county where the municipality is located
    • When measuring compliance, municipalities split between counties are combined
    • If a municipality is located in two or more counties, it is listed in the county with the majority of the municipality's value

  • Town, Village, City - name of the municipality

  • Year - assessment year

  • Property Class - lists classes of taxable property. Classes 5 (Undeveloped), 5m (Agricultural Forest), 6 (Forest) and 7 (Other) are combined into one group for major class determination under state law.

  • Municipal Assessed Value - total assessed values by class as reported on the municipal clerk's SOA

  • DOR Base Value - taxable value determined by DOR. The value includes any corrections to the previously published August 15 Equalized Values.

  • Percentage of DOR Base Value
    • Proportion of class value to the total municipal base value
    • Compliance is measured against the major class(es) of property
    • A class that is greater than 10 percent of the total base value is a major class under state law
    • Class 4 (Agricultural) is not considered a major class under state law. The value is included to determine what classes are 10 percent of the municipality's value.

  • Ratio (%) - total assessed value of the class compared to DOR's base value of that class. Overall ratio for the municipality is also displayed.

  • Major Class Municipal Compliance Status
    • Indicates if all major classes are in compliance
    • A municipality is in compliance if each major class is within 10 percent of DOR's base value of the same class in the same year

  • Type of Notice Issued - any notice or order in effect

If you have questions, contact the Equalization Bureau District Office in your area.