Tax Incremental Finance (TIF) - Terminations

Secs. 60.23(32), 60.85, 66.1105, and 66.1106, Wis. Stats.

For more information, review the TIF Termination web page.

  1. When does a municipality terminate a Tax Incremental District (TID)?

  2. What should the municipality provide to the Wisconsin Department of Revenue (DOR) when a TID terminates?

  3. What is the last year a municipality receives an increment for a terminated TID?

  4. If a municipality adopts a TID termination resolution, does the municipality need to pay DOR an administrative certification fee?

  5. Can a municipality terminate an existing TID and then create another TID in the same year?

  6. When a municipality terminates a TID, what happens if there are still debts?

  7. How does the municipality divide excess funds among the overlying taxing jurisdictions?

  8. What if a municipality terminated a TID and has some outstanding expenses to pay before disbursing any extra funds to the other overlying tax jurisdictions?

  9. If a municipality adopts a TID termination resolution and notified DOR, can it rescind the termination resolution so it can adopt an affordable housing resolution?


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