Municipal Tax Incremental Finance (TIF) Termination

A municipality must terminate/dissolve a TID when one of the following occurs:

When a municipality adopts a resolution to terminate/dissolve a TID, the municipality must:

  1. Notify the Wisconsin Department of Revenue (DOR) within 60 days after adopting the termination resolution by emailing:
    • Completed Final Accounting for Terminated TID Agreement (Form PE-223)
    • Copy of the adopted termination resolution
  2. Provide the appropriate Property Lister with a list of the parcels where the TID number needs to be removed from the appropriate tax/assessment roll
  3. Comply with the submission date established on Form PE-223 by:
    • Completing the TID Final Audit and saving a copy in the Municipal TID records
    • Electronically filing (e-filing) the TID Final Accounting Report (Form PE-110) with DOR

TID Termination Resolution SampleFill-in resolution. Email adopted resolution to DOR within 60 days.
Final Accounting for Terminated TID Agreement (Form PE-223)Form confirms termination dates and establishes the date to e-file the TID Final Accounting Report. Email the completed agreement to DOR.
TID Final Accounting Report (Form PE-110)Form documenting total expenditures and revenues for the TID. E-file the form.

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TID Termination TimeframeImportant dates for the termination process
TIF Manual – TIF reference guideTIF reference guide

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