Municipal Tax Incremental Finance (TIF) Termination

TID terminates/dissolves when one of the following occurs:

  • Municipality receives total tax increments equal to the total of all project costs as described in the project plan or any amendment to it
  • TID reaches its maximum life. The maximum life varies and is determined by the TID type and resolution date. See the TID Criteria Matrix table for more details.
  • Municipality chooses to dissolve the district early

When a TID is terminated/dissolved, the municipality must provide DOR:

  • Notice within 60 days of the termination resolution. Email a completed Final Accounting for Terminated TID Agreement and a copy of the termination resolution.
  • On or before the agreed upon submission date, the municipality must:
    • Electronically file (e-file) the TID Final Accounting Report
    • Complete the TID Final Audit. Save a copy locally in the Municipal TID records.
    • Provide a list of the TID parcels to the appropriate Property Lister, which includes the year of the termination. The Property Lister must remove the TID number from the tax/assessment roll.

Termination Forms
TID Termination Resolution SampleEmail to DOR within 60 days of adoption
Final Accounting for Terminated TID AgreementEstablishes the date to e-file the TID Final Accounting Report. Email the completed agreement to DOR.
TID Final Accounting Report (online)Documents total expenditures and revenues for the TID. E-file the form.
To send your completed forms by email, click "Attach Documents." Attach Documents

TID Termination TimeframesImportant dates for the termination process
City/Village Tax Incremental Finance ManualTIF reference guide


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November 8, 2017