Tax Incremental Finance (TIF) - Overlaps

Sec. 66.1105, Wis. Stats.

  1. What is an overlap?

  2. How are TID values affected by overlapping?

  3. Where can the municipality view the TID's frozen overlap value?

  4. Does the Wisconsin Department of Revenue (DOR) use the parcel overlap value in determining the 12 percent value limit?

  5. Are the parcels in the overlapped area coded to both the new and old TID number on the assessment/tax roll?

  6. Will the frozen overlap value of an overlapped TID be deleted if the overlapping TID is terminated?

  7. To subtract overlapped parcels, which TID does a municipality amend? The older TID or the newer TID?

  8. Will the frozen overlap value of an overlapped TID be reduced if overlapped parcels are subtracted from the overlapping TID?

  9. Can a distressed or severely distressed TID be overlapped by a newly created TID?

  10. Can an Environmental Remediation (ER) TID created under sec. 66.1105, Wis. Stats., overlap another TID created under the same section? Or another ER TID created under sec. 66.1106, Wis. Stats.?


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