Tax Incremental Finance (TIF) - Creation

Secs. 60.85 and 66.1105, Wis. Stats.

  1. What entities can create a Tax Incremental District (TID)?

  2. Can a municipality create one TID if it is located in more than one county, or are two separate TIDs required?

  3. Can a TID be located in more than one school district?

  4. Can a city, village, or town create a joint TID?

  5. How long does it take to create a new TID?

  6. Where are the TID application forms located?

  7. When is the deadline to apply to Wisconsin Department of Revenue (DOR) for a TID creation?

  8. Does the Planning Commission have to hold a public hearing?

  9. If the Planning Commission is only an advisory board to the municipality and does not have authority to pass resolutions, what should the Planning Commission submit?

  10. Do we need to adjust the maps in the project plan if the municipality approves different boundaries than those recommended by the Planning Commission?

  11. Are there requirements for resolution wording?

  12. Can the municipality hold one public hearing when several TIDs are being created at the same time?

  13. What year is used for the value of parcels in a TID?

  14. What are the TID types?

  15. Where do I find specific information on the different TID types?

  16. What determines the TID's maximum life?


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