Town Tax Incremental Districts (TIDs) created under sec. 60.23, Wis. Stats.

​ Sec. 60.23(32), Wis. Stats.

  1. Are the procedures (ex: notices, public hearings, resolutions) for creating a town TID under state law (sec. 60.23, Wis. Stats.), different from those for a city or village?

  2. What additional requirements must a town meet compared to a city or village when creating a TID under sec. 60.23, Wis. Stats.?

  3. State law (sec. 60.23(32)(f)2., Wis. Stats.) requires the town to select option (a), (b) or (c). What impact do these three options have on the project plan?

  4. Is debt service included in the timeframe for Option (b) or Option (c)?

  5. Does a town have to choose option (a), (b) or (c) each time it amends a TID, or do the options only apply when creating a TID?

  6. What limitation percentage affects a town?

  7. Can a town TID still be created under sec. 60.85, Wis. Stats.?

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