Tax Incremental Finance (TIF) - Value Limit

​​Secs. 60.23(32), 60.85, and 66.1105, Wis. Stats.

  1. What is the equalized value limit?

  2. What role does the August 15 TIF Value Limitation Report have in determining the 12% limit?

  3. If a Tax Incremental District (TID) has parcels in more than one county, is the value limit calculation separated by county?

  4. In calculating the 12% limit for creating a TID or adding parcels to an existing TID, does the municipality include the increment for a terminated district?

  5. Are overlapped parcel values included in the 12% limit calculation?

  6. Can a municipality create a new TID with a zero base value if the municipality's existing TIDs already exceed the 12% limit?

  7. If a municipality is creating multiple TIDs in the same year, and all the TIDs are under 12% individually but collectively exceed the limit, can the TIDs be created?

  8. Does the 12% limit apply to territory amendments (adding/subtracting parcels), or does it only apply when a municipality is creating a new Tax Incremental District (TID)?

  9. When a municipality amends an existing TID to add and subtract parcels, how does the 12% limit apply?

  10. Can a municipality amend a project plan to add projects when the municipality is over the 12% limit?

  11. When a municipality amends a TID using simultaneous creation and subtraction, how does the 12% limit apply?

  12. Does the 12% value limit apply to Town TIDs created under state law (sec. 60.85, Wis. Stats.)?

  13. Does the 12% value limit apply to Environmental Remediation (ER) TIDs created under state law (sec. 66.1105, Wis. Stats.)?

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