Tax Incremental Finance (TIF) - Tax Increments

Secs. 60.23(32), 60.85, 66.1105, and 66.1106, Wis. Stats.

  1. What is the difference between a value increment and a tax increment?

  2. Who certifies the value increment annually?

  3. When does the municipality receive its first tax increment on a new creation?

  4. Does residential development in a TID produce value increment?

  5. If personal property is located within a TID, is the personal property value included in the TID base value? In the TID current value?

  6. If a municipality received enough increment to pay the debt incurred for the district, can the excess increment be used for additional projects?

  7. If a TID terminates after April 15, is an increment still added to the tax levies in December?

  8. Should a municipality collect the entire final tax increment in the TID's last year if it is not all needed?

  9. Can a municipality choose not to levy the increment on the tax roll?

  10. How is the tax increment calculated using the tax rate?

  11. How does the Wisconsin Department of Revenue (DOR) notify a municipality of its increment value?

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