Tax Incremental Finance (TIF) - Extensions

Sec. 66.1105, Wis. Stats.

For more information, review the TIF Extensions web page.

  1. What extension types are available for Tax Incremental Districts (TIDs)?

  2. To extend the life of a TID, is the municipality required to complete the amendment process?

  3. When extending a TID's life, what documents must a municipality provide to the Wisconsin Department of Revenue (DOR)?

  4. When a municipality adopts an extension resolution to change the maximum life, does this change the expenditure period?

  5. For the Standard or Technical College Extension, is the Joint Review Board (JRB) the only body that needs to approve the extension?

  6. Can a municipality use a Standard Extension to lengthen the life of an industrial TID created between 1995 and 2004?

  7. Can a municipality request a Technical College Extension for a TID created before 2014 if it added project costs after 2014?

  8. Is the municipality required to inform the JRB when it adopts an Affordable Housing Resolution to extend the TID an additional year?

  9. When can a municipality request the Affordable Housing Extension?

  10. Can a municipality adopt all three extension resolutions at the same time?

  11. Is a municipality limited to using the affordable housing funds within the TID boundary?

  12. What is affordable housing?

  13. Does DOR have a list of eligible affordable housing costs?

  14. Is a municipality required to use the affordable housing funds within one year?

  15. Is a TID eligible for the Affordable Housing Extension if its life was extended for other reasons (ex: declared distressed, donor to distressed, granted a Standard Extension or Technical College Extension)?

  16. Can a municipality adopt one resolution that includes both an Affordable Housing Extension and the TID termination?

  17. How does the municipality identify the affordable housing funds on the TID Final Accounting Report (Form PE-110)?

  18. Does DOR have a list of TIDs that were extended?


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