Electronic Payments - Income, Corporation and Other Taxes

The Wisconsin Department of Revenue (DOR) offers online payments for:

  • ambulatory surgical center assessments
  • business tax registration
  • buyer's claim for refund
  • collection/delinquent taxes (includes bank levy)
  • composite nonresident partnerships, composite nonresident shareholders
  • corporation taxes
  • dry cleaning facility license fee, dry cleaning solvent fee
  • employee wage attachments
  • excise taxes (cigarette, tobacco, liquor, wine, apple cider, and beer)
  • fiduciary taxes
  • motor fuel taxes (motor fuel, alternate fuel, gen aviation fuel, petroleum inspection fees)
  • individual income taxes
  • local exposition district taxes
  • occasional consumer use taxes
  • partnership taxes (surcharge)
  • pass-through withholding taxes
  • police and fire protection fees
  • premier resort area taxes
  • real estate transfer fees
  • rental vehicle fees
  • sales and use taxes
  • tax incremental financing fees
  • utility taxes
  • withholding (employer) taxes

Wisconsin Administrative Rule Tax 1.12 authorizes the Department of Revenue to require electronic payment for taxpayers whose tax due exceeds certain amounts. If you are required to pay electronically, you will be notified by the Department. Taxpayers not required by this rule to pay electronically may do so voluntarily.

The payment options available are the Automated Clearing House (ACH) debit and ACH credit.

  • ACH Debit - The ACH debit method allows you to transfer funds by instructing the state to electronically debit a bank account you control. There is no cost for this type of payment transaction. This option is recommended because of the simplicity and cost savings to the taxpayer. To pay using the ACH Debit payment method, please visit our Online Payment page

  • ACH Credit - The ACH credit method allows you to transfer funds by instructing your financial institution to debit your account and credit the state's bank account. Financial institutions may charge a fee for making ACH credit payments. For instructions to initiate ACH Credit payments, please visit our ACH Credit Instruction page


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December 17, 2014