Third-Party Sales and Use Tax Software


Business taxpayers may purchase and use third-party software to prepare and/or electronically file and pay sales tax returns. Third-party software is available off-the-shelf or via download from vendor websites.

While the Wisconsin Department of Revenue (DOR) does not charge for electronic filing of sales tax returns, third-party vendors typically charge a fee for their software and/or services. These products vary in price and features. Filers should keep in mind:

Approved Vendor List

The following software vendors have entered into a cooperation agreement with DOR. This means that the software vendors' file format and transmission method were successfully tested with DOR for reliability.

Vendors or potential participants do not have to be listed on this page to offer sales tax return preparation or transmission.

Product Name
Phone numberWeb AddressVendor-supplied description
(877) 780-4848

Avalara, Inc. is a leading cloud-based sales tax and compliance automation technology provider. It automates sales tax rate calculation at the state, county and city level while simultaneously managing exemption certificates, returns, filing forms and remitting payments. Avalara AvaTax™ calculates and delivers instantaneous sales tax rates using precise geo-location and real-time rules for more than 12,000 sales tax jurisdictions. AvaTax integrates into most major ERP systems, accounting packages, ecommerce shopping carts, as well ​as Point of Sale systems and mobile platforms. Each year Avalara's transactional tax compliance automation software solutions deliver billions of tax decisions, manage millions of exemption certificates, file hundreds of thousands of sales tax returns, and remit billions of dollars to state and local taxing authorities.


The extensive collection of sales tax solutions available through CorpSystem speeds your day-to-day workflow and streamlines larger projects so you can get more done in less time. A total solution for your sales tax calculation and filing needs, CorpSystem sales tax products provide you with accurate and up-to-date sales tax rates, taxability rules and tax calculations, which keeps you compliant in the ever-changing world of sales taxes.

INTUIT Inc.(800) 851-8226

Upon acquiring Exactor in 2017, Intuit is continuing to revolutionize sales tax compliance by providing a true next-generation automated solution for secure, reliable and accurate sales tax record keeping and processing inside of QuickBooks Online. Intuit’s service gives business owners the ability to automate their sales tax efforts with an ease of use unparalleled in the industry. Intuit provides a calculation solution inside of QuickBooks Online that seamlessly and automatically bridges all elements of a calculation, starting from the point of transaction, such as the shopping cart, through the calculation of taxes owing. This allows the merchant to focus on SALES, while Intuit deals with the TAX.

If you are a QBO user and would like to learn more, please visit us at, e-mail us at or call us at (800) 851-8226.

SAXTAX(800) 678-1789

The SAXTAX Program enables filing with the Wisconsin Department of Revenue using electronic filing and electronic funds transfer. Prepare returns using data entry screens that look just like the actual sales tax form. While you can file electronically, you can also print returns with your laser printer. This program gives you a diagnostics summary before transmitting which shows any filing problems.

With SAXTAX, not only do you get an easy to use sales tax program, but you also get unlimited technical support. You'll always get a real person when you call us. We think that's important. See for yourself; call today.

SIDR TAX(888) 606-7437

Sidr Tax is a fully managed US sales tax solution. Automate your sales tax returns.

Sidr Tax offers a quick and effortless solution for creating US sales tax reports and automatically filing them to state websites. Our product takes care of your Sales Tax compliance from start to finish. Our services include nexus tracking, registration, reporting, and filing automation. Reports are generated based on the actual tax you collected. Relax and let us handle all your sales tax filings promptly. We provide timely chat and email support.

Email us at for more information.

Sovos(866) 890-3970

Since the landmark South Dakota v. Wayfair decision, the adoption of varying state economic nexus standards has increased the complexity of complying with sales tax requirements. With states embracing the digitization of tax to accelerate collections, reduce fraud and close existing tax gaps, managing these state nuances and remaining compliant has heightened the burden on time, money and resources for businesses.

From day one, Sovos has partnered with state governments, including Wisconsin, to deliver our customers an industry-leading solution with unmatched support, helping reduce the burden of tax and compliance.

Sovos delivers: A hands-on implementation team, A direct line of comomunication between you and your dedicated tax preparer, and a library of flexible integrations to seamlessly integrate with your current business systems.

Sovos was built to solve the complexities of the digital transformation of tax, with complete, connected offerings for global tax determination, continuous transaction control compliance, tax reporting and more. The company supports more than 7,000 customers, including half of the Fortune 500, operating in over 70 countries.

TaxCloud (by FedTax, LLC)(877) TAXCLOUD

TaxCloud is a free, easy-to-use sales tax management service. It handles every aspect of sales tax, from calculation to collection to filing - and it's completely free. TaxCloud can be easily integrated into most accounting, order management, and shopping cart

Features: Calculates sales tax in real time for any location in the country
Automatically files sales tax returns for 24 states
Prepares monthly state-by-state reports on sales tax collected
Monitors changes to tax rates and tax holidays and updates data accordingly
Manages sales tax exemption certificates
Registers sellers in 24 states

THOMSON/RIA (800) 865-5257

Thomson/RIA offers InSource(r) Sales & Use Tax, a comprehensive Windows-based application for larger companies filing 20+ returns monthly. It generates over 470 state, local, and Canadian returns including state EDI, XML or Internet-enabled returns. Alternatively, for companies filing less than 20 monthly returns, InSource Express RS(r) Sales & Use Tax is designed and priced to meet their needs. This Internet-based product also produces a complete set of state, local, and Canadian returns including the Wisconsin XML return.

Fax: (972) 250-8042
Email: RIAHome@NYExchange

VERTEX INC (800) 281-1900

Vertex Sales Tax Returns Q Series is a Windows-based software application for companies filing in five or more states that automates the entire return preparation process. Tax data can be directly imported from virtually any calculation system, spreadsheet or text file in order to provide a simple, efficient and accurate compliance solution. Comprehensive reporting available within the software provides a foundation for thorough analysis and reconciliation support. Audit trails throughout the application assist with maintaining the data integrity concerns of SOX compliance. Electronic filing capabilities currently exist for 13 states, with additional states scheduled.

Please note: The third-party vendor software companies and their websites are not contractually associated with DOR. Their software products have been tested to assess their reliability. However, DOR does not guarantee any aspect of the software, its features, or performance.

Benefits of Electronic Filing

  • Online or electronic filing offers a number of benefits including speed, accuracy, and convenience.
  • You receive confirmation that DOR has received your tax returns.
  • You may initiate an electronic payment at the same time you transmit your return.
  • Amended returns are accepted electronically by DOR through the Sales File Transmission process or My Tax Account.

For more information about vendor products, security, pricing, features, technical support, and other aspects, visit their websites or contact them by phone. Important: These products differ in price and features. Look at the total package; investigate all your options.


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