Third-Party Software for Corporation and/or Partnership e-File Returns


Business taxpayers may use third-party software to prepare and electronically file and pay their Partnership, Economic Development Surcharge, corporation franchise or income tax returns. While the Wisconsin Department of Revenue (DOR) does not charge for electronic filing of tax returns, third-party vendors typically charge a fee for their software products and services. These products vary in price and features. Filers should keep in mind:

  • Software is supplied directly by the developer of that software, not the Wisconsin Department of Revenue. In most cases, you can download or purchase software from an Internet site and pay with a credit card.
  • The purchase price of the software may or may not include preparation of the returns. Electronic filing of your returns may require that you pay an additional fee to the software vendor at the time of filing.
  • Filers should keep a copy of the return and acknowledgement for their records.

Approved Vendor List

These sites are approved by the Wisconsin Department of Revenue (DOR). Their software products have been tested to ensure their reliability and value; however, DOR does not guarantee any aspect of the software, its features or performance. The private software vendor companies and websites are not contractually associated with DOR. Please make sure the software vendor company supports all of the forms and schedules you need to electronically file your corporation franchise or income tax return.

Product Name/CompanyWeb AddressWisconsin Forms Supported
(CCH Small Firm Services)
Forms ​3, 4, 5S, PW-1
(H & R Block Inc)
hrblock.comForms 3, 4, 5S, 1-CNP, 1-CNS, PW-1
CCH ProSystemfx
(CCH, Inc) 3, 4, 5S, 6, 1-CNP, 1-CNS, PW-1
(Crosslink Professional Tax Solutions)
crosslinktax.comForms 3, 4, 5S, PW-1
CSC Corptax
(Corptax, Inc)
corptax.comForms 3, 4, 5S*, 6, 1-CNP, 1-CNS, PW-1
Drake Tax
(Drake Software)
drakesoftware.comForms 3, 4, 5S, 1-CNP, 1-CNS, PW-1
(Thomson Reuters) 3, 4, 5S, 6, 1-CNP, 1-CNS, PW-1
H&R Block Premium & Business
(CCH Small Firm Services) 3, 4, 5S, PW-1
(Intuit, Inc) 3, 4, 5S, 6, PW-1
(Advanced Tax Solutions, LLC)
mytaxprepoffice.comForms 3, 4, 4H, 5S, 1-CNP, 1-CNS, PW-1
OLTPro Desktop
(On-Line Taxes, Inc)
oltpro.comForms 3, 4, 5S
OLTPro Web
(On-Line Taxes, Inc)
oltpro.comForms 3*, 4*, 5S*
ProConnect Tax Online
(Intuit) 3, 4, 5S, 6, PW-1
(Intuit) 3, 4, 5S
(TaxAct, Inc.)
taxact.comForms 3, 4, 5S, PW-1
TaxSlayer Pro
(TaxSlayer, LLC)
taxslayerpro.comForms 3, 4, 5S
Turbo Tax Business
(Intuit) 3, 4, 5S
UltraTax CS
(CS Professional Suite) 3, 4, 4H, 5S, 6, 1-CNP, 1-CNS, PW-1
  *Testing in progress

Benefits of Electronic Filing

  • Online or electronic filing offers a number of benefits including speed, accuracy, and convenience.
  • You receive confirmation that the Wisconsin Department of Revenue has received your tax returns.
  • You may initiate an electronic payment at the same time you transmit your return.
  • Amended returns are accepted electronically by the Wisconsin Department of Revenue.

For more information about vendor products, security, pricing, features, technical support, and other aspects, visit their websites or contact them by phone. It's worth repeating: these products differ in price and features. Look at the total package; investigate all your options.

January 19​, 2023​