Delinquent Tax

  1. When does a tax amount due become "delinquent"?

  2. Are there additional costs that may be added if a tax liability becomes delinquent?

  3. How do I pay?

  4. Can I use my credit card to make a payment on my delinquent tax liability?

  5. How do I request a payment plan to pay my taxes?

  6. Can I use automatic withdrawals from my bank account to pay my delinquent taxes?

  7. What is a wage attachment?

  8. What is a bank levy?

  9. What is a tax warrant and when does the department file a tax warrant?

  10. What is a partial release of warrant?

  11. Why does a credit bureau show a tax warrant is open and outstanding after my delinquent tax is paid?

  12. How does a divorce decree affect my tax debt?

  13. What address do I use for the Wisconsin Department of Revenue for my bankruptcy creditor mailing list?

  14. Why is a collection agency contacting me?

  15. What is the Delinquent Taxpayers Internet Posting?


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February 12, 2019