Follow these steps to close your business with the Wisconsin Department of Revenue and prevent future notices and assessments. You must file a return for each period the business was active.

    Employee Withholding Tax

  • File final withholding tax deposits through end date (WT–6)
  • Issue wage and withholding information returns to employees (W–2)
  • File annual withholding reconciliation (WT–7) and supporting information returns within 30 days of end date
  • Close your withholding tax account
  • Visit our withholding page for filing options

    Sales and Use Tax

    Income or Franchise Tax

  • File final income or franchise tax return
    • Check as final, unless filing Schedule C
    • Report gain or loss on sale or liquidation of assets

Partnerships and S corporations - Provide a copy of final Schedule 3K–1 or Schedule 5K–1 to partners or shareholders

    Other Tax Types

  • File final returns for any other tax account registered with the department (e.g., excise tax, premier resort area tax, local exposition tax)
  • Close your business tax account:
    • Complete the Request to Close Account in My Tax Account for each business tax account, or
    • Email, or
    • Call (608) 266–2776

    Review federal responsibilities. See Internal Revenue Service Closing a Business Checklist