Fact Sheets



1101Dairy Manufacturing Facility Investment Credit (7/15/13)
1102-1Deferral and Exclusion of Long-Term Capital Gains for Investments in Wisconsin Businesses Prior to January 1, 2014 (12/5/13)
1102-2Deferral and Exclusion of Long-Term Capital Gains for Investments in Wisconsin Businesses (2/5/21)
1104Gambling Winnings (1/4/22)
1105Health Savings Accounts (1/4/22)
1106Jobs Tax Credit (3/20/18)
1107Manufacturing and Agriculture Credit (3/20/18)
1108Meat Processing Facility Investment Credit (7/15/13)
1109Postsecondary Education Credit (7/15/13)
1110Relocated Business Tax Credit or Deduction (7/15/13)
1111Super Research and Development Credit (7/15/13)
1113Job Creation Deduction (12/1/15)
1114Earned Income Credit (1/5/22)
1115Farmland Preservation Credit (2/5/21)
1116Homestead Credit (1/5/22) | (En Español)
1117Pass-Through Withholding and Composite Returns (11/1/21)
1118Income Tax Information for Active Military Personnel (1/25/21)
1119Community Rehabilitation Program Credit (1/5/22)
1120Wisconsin Business Development Credit (9/8/15)
1121Capital Gain Exclusion - Investment in a ​Wisconsin Qualified Opportunity Fund (12/18/20)
1122Veterans and Surviving Spouses Property Tax Credit Verification of Eligibility - Extension of Time to Claim Credit ​(1/10​/22)
1123Nonresident Seasonal Workers – Filing Wisconsin Income Tax Returns ​(7/29​/21)


2101-1Sales and Use Tax Exemption for Qualified Research From January 1, 2012 Through July 1, 2013 (3/14/16)
2101-2Sales and Use Tax Exemption for Qualified Research on and After July 2, 2013 (3/14/16)
2102Sales and Use Tax Exemptions Relating to Raising Animals Sold for Use in Qualified Research and Manufacturing (3/14/16)
2103-1Native American Tribes - Sales and Use Tax (7/12/16)
2103-2Sales to Native American Tribal Members - Sales Tax Exemption (7/12/16)
2104Use Tax (6/17/21)
2105Chambers of Commerce - Sales and Use Tax Examples (1/15/19)
2106Occasional Sale Exemption for Nonprofit Organizations (5/13/16)
2107Rentals of Multipurpose Facilities (10/4/2017)
2108Car Wash Services (6/3/15)
2109Massage Therapy (8/14/17)
2110Occasional Sales of Business Assets (1/26/18)
2111Sales and Use Tax Exemption for Fuel and Electricity Consumed in Manufacturing ​ (11/3/21)
2500Questions and Answers Relating to the ½% Premier Resort Area Tax (6/12/20)

Alcohol Beverage

3101Licenses for Retail Sale of Alcohol Beverages (9/6/18)
3102Alcohol Beverage Permits (8/20/18)
3103Licensed or Permitted Premises Description (8/20/18)
3104Operators' Licenses (8/20/18)
3105Alcohol Beverage Carry-Ins (8/20/18)
3106Alcohol Beverage Sampling (4/1/19)
3107Alcohol Beverage Service and Sales at Unlicensed Retail Establishments, Including Salons, Spas, and Barbershops (8/20/18)
3108Catering Alcohol Beverages (2/24/20)
3109Wine or Beer Walks (8/20/18)
3110Selling, Donating, and Giving Away Alcohol Beverages (8/20/18)

Cigarette, Tobacco and Vapor Products

3501Vapor Products Tax (8/8/19)


5100Electronically Transmitting Confidential Taxpayer Information (8/3/20)

Unclaimed Property

6100Unclaimed Property - Life Insurers and DMF Searches (4/21/14)


1117Pass-Through Withholding and Composite Returns (11/1/21)

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