Real Estate Transfer Fee Common Questions - G


  1. If I give a gift of real estate to a private university or college foundation that funds research and scholarships, is it exempt from transfer fee under state law (sec. 77.25(2g), Wis. Stats.)?

  2. If I give my nephew a house, is a transfer return and fee due?

Government Agencies

  1. Are all sales to a governmental agency exempt from fee under state law (sec. 77.25(12), Wis. Stats.), pursuant to or in lieu of condemnation?

  2. Is the following satisfaction of a land contract exempt per state law (sec. 77.25(17), Wis. Stats.)? A city sells property to an individual on land contract and the transfer return is filed using Exemption 2. Later the city sells its vendor's interest in the land contract to another individual and records the assignment without a return, since the vendor's interest is a personal interest in a debt. Now the deed in satisfaction is being recorded. Does Exemption 17 apply since the land contract was exempt and the current vendor is not a governmental agency?

  3. When gifting property to a public school district, is this conveyance exempt from fee?

  4. My company just started handling the resale of properties foreclosed by Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation (Freddie Mac). Will a transfer fee be due when a property is sold to a new buyer, or does exemption sec. 77.25(2), Stats, apply to the sale?

  5. Can you provide some examples of other governmental agencies that are exempt from transfer fee under Exemption 2?


Government Agencies


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