Management/Agency Information

Office of the Secretary

Secretary​: David Casey

Deputy Secretary: Maria Guerra Lapacek

Assistant Deputy Secretary: Patty Mayers

(608) 266-6466

(608) 266-6466

Office of Legislative and Public Affairs

Legislative Advisor: Rachel Harvey

Communications Director: Jennifer Bacon​

(608) 266-1933

(608) 266-2300

Office of General Counsel

Chief Legal Counsel: Dana J. Erlandsen

(608) 267-8970
Division of Enterprise Services

Administrator: Julie Raes

(608) 266-9759
Division of Income, Sales and Excise Tax

Administrator: Susan Dukes

Deputy Administrator (Audit/Customer Service): Jennifer Dambach

Deputy Administrator (Compliance/Tax Operations): Kyle Duerstein

(608) 266-9397
Division of Lottery

Administrator: Cindy Polzin

Deputy Administrator: Kevin Kaminski

(608) 267-4500

(608) 264-6604

Division of Research and Policy

Administrator: Cari Redington

(608) 266-5773

Division of State and Local Finance

Administrator: Valeah Foy

Deputy Administrator: Mary Gawryleski

(608) 266-0939

(608) 261-5275

Division of Technology Services

Administrator: Rick Offenbecher

Deputy Administrator: Vacant

(608) 261-2276