Division of Enterprise Services

​Division Administrator: Julie Raes

Telephone: (608) 266-9759

The mission of the Enterprise Services Division is to provide the Secretary's Office and the program divisions with leadership and support in administrative, budget and financial management, business planning and performance measurement, printing, records management, parking management, employee development, employment relations and management improvement studies.

Business Services Section

The Business Services Section employs 19 staff including one section chief and a supervisor. This section is responsible for a vast number of functions. The major responsibility is the incoming and outgoing mail. The incoming mail functions include picking the mail up from the post office, slicing the mail, sorting and delivering it to the various mail stops through the building. This unit is also responsible for bulk mailing jobs for the various business units. The section also includes the Mail Review Unit, providing special processing for income tax mail and taxpayer responses to department notices and letters. Income tax processing includes sorting and reviewing the tax returns for completeness. Responses to the department notices and letters are reviewed here and the tax system updated. All incoming documents are then prepped for scanning. In addition to mail responsibilities, this unit is responsible for facilities and fleet management.

Financial Management Services Bureau

The bureau provides the department comprehensive accounting, financial management, inventory, internal control planning and other management, fiscal and consulting services. The functional areas of responsibility include tax revenue accounting, lottery accounting, expenditure accounting, financial reporting. The Lottery & Financial Operations and Revenue Accounting Units employ 12 staff. The Contract Specialist oversees all aspects of the procurement process and serves as the liaison with the Department of Administration's procurement area. The budget unit consists of two Budget Analysts. The two analysts perform a wide range of budget functions: developing department budget requests, implementing approved budgets, monitoring divisional budgets and expenditures, projecting salary, fringe benefit, and supplies costs, transferring costs to keep appropriations within statutory budgets, and allocating central costs. They work closely with the other units in the Enterprise Services Division (ESD) to ensure coordination with accounting and/or human resources transactions that have budget implications.

Bureau Director: Peggy Steeno

Telephone: (608) 266-0424

Financial and Management Services Bureau

2135 Rimrock Road, PO Box 8931 Mail Stop 6-261

Madison, WI 53708-8931

FAX: (608) 266-2204

Human Resource Services - Region 4

Centralized within the Department of Administration, manages a comprehensive human resource program for the Department of Revenue and Department of Veterans Affairs. The bureau's program includes the following components: Classification and compensation; occupational and organizational surveys/studies/analysis; staffing; employment relations; training and employee development; workforce planning, performance appraisal systems; diversity and employment services (e.g., employee health & wellness​, EAP, and AA/EEO initiatives); payroll and fringe benefit administration; and the implementation of various human resource functions such as unemployment compensation reporting and worker's compensation reporting.

Bureau Director: Wendy Copus

Telephone: (608) 267-1796

Human Resource Services Bureau

FAX: (608) 266-2825

DOA Division of Personnel Management, Region 4

c/o Wisconsin Department of Revenue

2135 Rimrock Road, PO Box 8931 Mail Stop 6-261

Madison, WI 53708-8931

Telephone: (608) 267-3324 -- FAX: (608)266-5559