Division of Lottery

​Division Administrator: Cindy Polzin
Telephone: (608) 261-8800

Deputy Administrator: Jean Adler
Telephone: (608) 261-6888

FAX: (608) 264-6644
2135 Rimrock Road, PO Box 8941
Madison, WI 53708-8941

The mission of the Wisconsin Lottery is to achieve the greatest possible property tax relief for Wisconsin taxpayers.

The Wisconsin Lottery has a website at https://www.wilottery.com. There you can find the most recent winning numbers, latest instant scratch tickets, game odds, and previous drawing results.

Administrative Services & Communications Bureau

The Administrative Services & Communications Bureau provides functional support to the Lottery Division, including contract procurement and payment, budget, strategic planning and payroll functions. The bureau also handles retailer accounts receivable, prize payments, and nightly drawings for the Lottery's terminal-generated games.

Bureau Director: Vacant
Telephone: (608) 264-6604
FAX: (608) 267-4565
2135 Rimrock Road, PO Box 8941
Madison, WI 53708-8941

Product Development & Marketing Bureau

The Product Development & Marketing Bureau provides research and development of instant and terminal generated games, retailer related research, public information planning, player relations, and special events services.

Bureau Director: Saverio Maglio
Telephone: (608) 267-4817
FAX: (608) 264-6644
2135 Rimrock Road, PO Box 8941
Madison, WI 53708-8941

Retailer Relations & Sales Bureau

The Retailer Relations & Sales Bureau develops and implements the Lottery's sales programs. The Bureau provides sales support to retailers through Field Marketing Representatives and Field Trainers. The Bureau also provides key accounts management and telemarketing services to retailers as well as retailer contracts, recruitment and retention activities.

Bureau Director: Colleen Dvorak
Telephone: (608) 267-0976
FAX: (608) 264-6644
2135 Rimrock Road, PO Box 8941
Madison, WI 53708-8941

Lottery Offices and Prize Redemption Centers

Lottery tickets with prize values of less than $600 may be redeemed at Lottery retailer locations or at the Lottery's Madison or Milwaukee offices. Prizes of $600 or more must be redeemed at the Lottery's Madison or Milwaukee Office.

The following Lottery Redemption Centers are authorized to cash winning tickets up through $500,000:

Department of Revenue Office
819 N. 6th Street
4th Floor Service Counter
Milwaukee, WI 53203-1682
(414) 227-3882

Department of Revenue Building
2135 Rimrock Road
Madison, WI 53713
(608) 266-7777


All jackpot prizes above $500,000 must be redeemed in Madison.

Offices are open Monday through Friday, 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. Citizens are encouraged to call ahead of their visit to ensure that the office will be open upon their arrival.


Tickets are sold by retailers that contract with the Wisconsin Lottery. Retailers can only sell lottery tickets for cash and at the price established by the Wisconsin Lottery. Tickets can only be sold to persons at least 18 years of age, but minors may receive lottery tickets as gifts. Retailers receive a basic commission of 6.25% for instant scratch tickets and pull-tab tickets, and 5.5% for online products. In addition, nonprofit organizations may apply to sell pull-tab tickets and receive a higher commission rate. Currently there are about 3,800 retail outlets throughout the state, including convenience stores, grocery stores, service stations, restaurants, liquor stores, and nonprofit organizations.

Lottery Property Tax Credit

The proceeds of the Lottery Property Tax Credit are used to credit eligible property taxpayers for a portion of their yearly property taxes.