Manufacturing Personal Property Equated Rolls 2017

Division of State and Local Finance Manufacturing & Utility Bureau

The 2017 manufacturing personal property equated assessment roll contains the full market value (100%) assessments for all personal property located within a municipality currently classified as Manufacturing (Class 3) equated to the local level of assessment. The Wisconsin Department of Revenue (DOR) distributes manufacturing equated rolls after DOR receives and audits the municipal Statement of Assessment (SOA). Completed assessment rolls are grouped by county. Each roll contains:

  • Aggregate assessment ratio for the municipality - local level of assessment
  • Manufacturing property owner name and mailing address
  • Location of personal property
  • Local (if available) and DOR account identifiers
  • Taxation district(s)
  • Assessed value of personal property of boats, machinery, tools and patterns, furniture, fixture and equipment and all other taxable personal property


  • Only completed municipal assessment rolls appear in the county documents listed below
  • Equated manufacturing assessment rolls are used by municipalities to extend property taxes
  • DOR will not change the manufacturing equated assessment roll after production.

If you have questions, contact the Manufacturing & Utility District Office in your area.