Board of Review (BOR) - Scheduling Objections

​Sec. 70.47, Wis. Stats.

  1. If the assessor changed an assessment at Open Book in the morning, gave the property owner a 15-day notice (30-day for a revaluation), and the municipality began the BOR that afternoon, how long should the BOR be kept open?

  2. Does the property owner always need to provide an estimate of the length of time it will take them to present at the hearing?

  3. If the property owner is not present when the BOR schedules their hearing, how should the BOR notify the owner of the hearing?

  4. Does the law allow an assessor to hold an Open Book for more than one district at a time?

  5. If the assessment roll is not complete, should the assessor be present at the BOR meeting scheduled within the first 45 days after the fourth Monday in April?

  6. Does the BOR provide written notice of determination to the property owner appealing the assessment?

  7. Since a clerk must physically mail the determination notices, does the BOR need to adjourn to another day if the post office is closed when the BOR concludes its business?


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