State Prescribed Forms

Form            ↓ Name/Description            ↓Statute Current Revision Date            ↓ Prior Revision Date            ↓ Use Status            ↓
PA-003 Statement of Personal Property | Fillable PDF | Excels. 70.35 (2)R. 11-15R. 10-13Current - New Layout. Destroy Prior.
PA-107 Board of Review Member Training Affidavits. 70.46 (4)R. 12-15R. 09-06Current - New Layout.
PA-115A Objection Form for Real Property Assessment| Fillable PDFs. 70.47 (7)R. 9-16R. 10-15Current - Prior OK as well.
PA-115B Objection Form for Personal Property Assessment | Fillable PDFs. 70.47 (7)R. 9-16R. 10-15Current - Prior OK as well.
PA-117 Manufactured & Mobile Home Valuation Worksheets. 66.058R. 10-07R. 09-05Current
PA-118 Statement of Manufactured & Mobile Home Monthly Municipal Permit Fee | Fillable PDFs. 66.058R. 10-07R. 05-05Current
PA-500 Residential Property Records. 70.09 (3)R. 10-04R. 09-03Current
PA-501 Residential Property Record Inserts. 70.09 (3)R. 11-02R. 10-01Current
PA-703 Agricultural Work Cards. 70.09 (3)R. 10-01R. 08-82Current
PA-704 Property Assessment Historys. 70.09 (3)R. 10-04R. 09-03Current
PA-800 Summary of Board of Review Proceedings | Fillable PDFs.70.47 (17)R. 10-15R. 1-15Current - New Layout. Destroy Prior.
PA-811 Summary of Waiver of Board of Review Request | Fillable PDFs.70.47(8m)R. 10-15N. 1-15Current - New Layout. Destroy Prior.
PA-813 Request for Waiver of Board of Review (BOR) Hearing| Fillable PDFs.70.47(8M)R. 10-16N. 1-15Current.  Destroy prior.
PA-814 Request to Testify by Telephone or Submit a Sworn Written Statement at the Board of Review (BOR) | Fillable PDFs.70.47(8)N. 1-15NewCurrent
PC-227 Unrelated Business Income Reports. 70.339R. 08-95R. 10-91Current
PE-106 Fixed Asset Schedule | Fillable PDF--R. 9-16R. 10-15Current. Destroy Prior.
PR-130M Summary of Open Book Actions Multiple Class | Fillable PDF--N. 9-16--Current
PR-130S Summary of Open Book Actions Single Class | Fillable PDF--N. 9-16--Current
PR-230 Property Tax Exemption Request | Fillable PDFs. 70.11
s. 70.111
R. 9-16R. 10-14Current. Prior OK as well.
PR-231 Low Income Property Owner's Certification of Occupancys. 70.11 (4a)(g)1R. 9-16N. 5-10 Current. Prior OK as well.
PR-297 Notice of Amended Assessment and Waiver s. 74.485 N. 04-08 --Current
PR-298 Agricultural Land Conversion Charge | Fillable PDFs. 74.485 R. 10-15R. 02-11Current - New Layout. Destroy Prior.
PR-299 Notice of Personal Property Assessments. 70.365R. 10-07R. 10-04Current
PR-301 Notice of Changed Assessment| Fillable PDFs. 70.365R. 10-15R. 5-14Current. Prior OK as well.
PR-302 Notice of Board of Review Determination | Fillable PDFs. 70.47 (12)R. 10-15R. 11-07Current - New Layout. Destroy Prior.
PR-303 Request for Exemption of Renewable Energy Systems. 70.111 (18)R. 10-99R. 08-95Current
PR-307 Notice of Change in Exempt Computer Equipments. 70.11 (39)R. 09-03R. 11-02Current
PR-323 Gross Annual Property Expenses Report |Fillable PDFs. 70.47 (7)(af)N. 09-00--Current
PR-324 Agricultural Use Value Information Request | Fillable PDFs. 70.32R. 10-15N. 10-09Current - New Layout. Destroy Prior.

October 3, 2016