Government E-Services File Transfer

Listed below are available electronic filing services for counties and municipalities to use rather than filling a paper form. Please review the general information and then select the form/application you are interested in for more detailed information.

General Notes and Instructions:

  • If you have questions on creating the text file, email the SLF Electronic Media Coordinator. The Coordinator cannot provide technical assistance in programming, but can answer general questions about the forms and filing deadlines.
  • Test Files:  this will allow DOR to ensure your file is in the correct format. Results of test submissions will be sent to you in less than eight business hours in most cases. Test files will be accepted all year. Email the coordinator when sending a test file to alert us to look for it.
  • All text files transferred need to be based on the current year form. Files forwarded at other times will not be processed.

Steps to follow in sending your file:

  1. Know where the appropriate file is on your PC or Network.
  2. Click on the Ready To Transfer link by each application name to begin the transfer process.
  3. In the "Select file type" box the appropriate application name should appear.
  4. Do not send zipped files.
  5. Select the appropriate radio button to the question "Is this a test file?"
  6. On the "Select the File" line, click on the Browse button to locate the appropriate file on your PC or Network.
  7. Double click on your file to attach it.
  8. Then click "Transfer" to submit your file.
  9. If you send a test file, see instructions in "Notes."
FormDescriptionSpecial Notes and Due Dates

Statement of Assessments (SOA) File Transmission

After clicking the Ready to Transfer button below, select "Yes" if this is a test file or "No" if the file is not a test file.

Wisconsin counties are requested to transmit the Statements of Assessment (SOA) directly via the Internet.
The SOA reflects the property assessment roll for each municipality or part of a municipality within the county. The assessment roll is described in state law (sec. 74.45, Wis. Stats.). The SOA is described in sec. 70.53, Wis. Stats.

Special districts: Sanitary Districts (sec. 60.70, Wis. Stats.), Public Inland Lake Protection and Rehabilitation Districts (sec. 33.30, Wis. Stats.), and Metropolitan Sewerage Districts (sec. 200.13, Wis. Stats.), are now included as part of the SOA.

Treasurer's Settlement (MTS) Sheet File Transmission

Ready to Transfer

The Settlement Sheet reflects the property tax settlement by each municipality with all taxing jurisdictions. The settlement process is described in state law (sec. 74.25, Wis. Stats.).


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