Statement of Assessment (SOA)

​​​​ Sec. 70.53, Wis. Stats.

  1. What is the Statement of Assessment (SOA)?

  2. What is the deadline to file an SOA?

  3. How do I submit the SOA?

  4. Do I need a PIN number or password to use the File Transfer method?

  5. Do I need a PIN number or password to use the E-file form?

  6. Why is it important to submit a complete and accurate SOA?

  7. Why did the Wisconsin Department of Revenue (DOR) contact us about our Managed Forest Land (MFL) or Private Forest Crop (PFC) acreage?

  8. How often do Managed Forest (MFL) rates change and how are we notified?

  9. Do I need to report an assessed value for a special district if it does not levy any tax?

  10. How do I record a Section 70.43 Correction on Line 23 of the SOA?

  11. Where can I find my final SOA?

  12. I filed my SOA. Why isn't there a final SOA for my municipality?

  13. I amended my SOA. Why don't I see the amended values on the final SOA?

  14. Are there additional resources for the SOA process?

  15. After the BOR has adjourned, can I amend my SOA by adding a parcel or improvement not applied to the current tax roll?

  16. Can I amend my SOA correcting a palpable error discovered after the BOR already adjourned? (sec. 74.33, Wis. Stats.)

  17. What is the Records Disposition Authorization (RDA) for the Statement of Assessment (Form PA-521C)?

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