E-Filing of Individual Income Tax Returns with Homestead Credit Claims

This is a proposed guidance document. The document has been submitted to the Legislative Reference Bureau for publication in the Administrative Register for public comment as provided by sec. 227.112(1), Wis. Stats.

Several options to file homestead credit claims electronically are available:

For all electronically filed homestead credit claims, Form W-RA, Required Attachments for Electronic Filing, along with the required attachment(s), must be submitted (either electronically or by mail) to the department within 48 hours of receiving your Wisconsin acknowledgment.

General Instructions

See Online Services for the e-filing options available for individuals. If using tax-preparation software, prepare the federal and Wisconsin income tax returns, or Schedule H by itself if no filing requirement exists and software allows it. If using WI e-file, with a Wisconsin income tax filing requirement, prepare the Wisconsin income tax return. Then take these additional steps to electronically file a homestead credit claim.

Prepare the Schedule H or Schedule H-EZ as your software allows

Schedule H:

Guidance Document Certification: https://www.revenue.wi.gov/Pages/Certification-Statement.aspx

Guidance Document Number: 100239

October 22, 2019