These abbreviations or acronyms are usually located by the owner's name or within the legal description on the property tax bill. Questions regarding abbreviations or acronyms used on your property tax bill should be directed to your local municipality.

AGTAgent LSELessee
AKAAlso known as LSRLessor
ATFAs trustee for LULife use
C/OCare of MFLManaged forest land
CUSTCustodian MINRMinor
ESTEstate M/LMore or less
Et alAnd others NKANow known as
Et umAnd husband (spouse) REV TR Revocable trust
Et virAnd husband TCTenants in common
Et uxAnd wife (spouse) TNTTenant
FBOFor benefit of TODTransfer on death
FKAFormerly known as TR (TRSE)Trustee
GRDNGuardian TRSTrustees
HWHis wife TRSTTrust
ITFIn trust for UADUnder agreement dated
LCLand contract UDTUnder declaration of trust
LCHLand contract holder VNEVendee
LE (LEST)Life estate VNRVendor
LF TENLife tenant WFwife

December 21, 2016