1 Get Ready

Watch the videos or review WisTax common questions to learn if you qualify:

2 Right Click and Save

File and save your federal tax return first, if required to file it. Gather your income information and any other necessary documents (W-2s, 1099s, Social Security statements, rent certificates, etc.).

Note: You will be required to upload these documents electronically.

3 e-file

File using the appropriate form below. Be sure to save and print a copy when you're done.

What You Should Know

WisTax is the Wisconsin Department of Revenue's new and improved electronic filing system and has replaced WI e-file.

Choose a Form:

Note: Amended returns, prior-year returns, and nonresident/part-year resident income tax returns (Form 1NPR) must be filed through a tax professional, using third-party software, or on paper. Visit our Forms page for printable fill-in forms and instructions.

IRS Free File Program

Wisconsin is a member of the IRS Free File program. An IRS Free File vendor may be an option if you don't qualify to use WisTax. The Free File Alliance is a group of private-sector tax preparation companies that provide free online tax preparation and electronic filing through the irs.gov and participating states' websites.

Note: The Wisconsin Department of Revenue and IRS do not endorse any individual Free File Alliance company.

Visit the department's Free File page for more information.