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What You Should Know

My Tax Account (MTA) has new and improved e-file options:

WI e-File Information:

Go to our Individual Income Tax page to get answers on preparing and filing your taxes, making payments, homestead and earned income credits, and other questions.

Individuals – Choose a Form:

Note: File your 2022 homestead credit claim in My Tax Account (you do not need to create a login to file the Schedule H). Schedule H is no longer available in Wisconsin e-File for 2022 and forward. See our Common Q​uestions page.

Estates and Trusts – Choose a Form:

Prior Years' Wisconsin E-f​ile Forms

How much taxes are collected and where does my tax money go?

Use our new, easy-to-use, tool to know where the state's revenues come from and how they are spent. This new graphic is the result of 2021 Act 66, which was signed by Governor Evers as a tool to assist Wisconsinites with understanding how the state's revenues are generated and where they are spent.

Additionally, please check out our Data V​isualization pages to access more useful and interactive data about Wisconsin. There you will find interactive data about tax collections, local government spending, imports/exports, and much more.

Our monthly Economic Outlook is also worth a visit. Our DOR Economists draft information about employment trends, personal income and other economic indicators.