Income Tax Articles

Approved2021ISE-Admin-Tech10/11/2021Businesses, Individuals, Municipal Officials, Press Releases, Tax Pro10/12/2021 3:19 PMSeffrood, Sharon L - DORFull Width Page Layout 2021No5723Upcoming Preliminary Public Hearing on a Permanent and Emergency Scope Statement for SS 082-21
Approved2021SO-Comm10/7/2021Businesses, Individuals, Press Releases, Tax Pro10/7/2021 3:24 PMHampton, Michael F - DOR2021No5721Withholding tables revised for 2022
Approved2021ISE-Admin-Tech7/12/2021Businesses, Individuals, Press Releases, Tax Pro7/28/2021 8:03 AMSeverson, Angela M - DOR (Angie)Full Width Page Layout 2021No5656Wisconsin Tomorrow Lodging Grant
Approved2021ISE-Admin-Tech5/24/2021Businesses, Individuals, Press Releases, Tax Pro8/3/2021 3:34 PMSeffrood, Sharon L - DORFull Width Page Layout 2021No5576Wisconsin Tomorrow Small Business Recovery Grant
Approved2021ISE-Admin-Tech4/1/2021Businesses, Individuals, Tax Pro6/4/2021 12:56 PMSeffrood, Sharon L - DORFull Width Page Layout 2021No55662020 Wisconsin Tax Return Due Dates and Payments
Approved2021ISE-Admin-Tech3/17/2021Individuals, Press Releases, Tax Pro3/17/2021 2:14 PMSeffrood, Sharon L - DORFull Width Page Layout 2021No5557Unemployment Compensation on 2020 Wisconsin Income Tax Returns
Approved2021ISE-Admin-Tech3/2/2021Businesses, Individuals, Tax Pro3/19/2021 12:10 PMSeverson, Angela M - DOR (Angie)Full Width Page Layout 2021No5550State Grant Programs Funded by the Coronavirus Relief Fund That Are Excluded From Wisconsin Income