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Authorization for Direct Deposit (6/19)

  • Contact the Local Government Services Bureau at to request this form
  • Note: As a local government, in Section 4 of this form, you must select "Yes" to indicate you receive payments from DOR's State and Local Finance Division
  • Mail completed forms to:
    Wisconsin Department of Revenue
    Local Government Services Bureau
    MS 6-97, PO Box 8971
    Madison, WI 53708-8971
LC-6642023-24 Manufactured/Mobile Home Lottery and Gaming Credit Report (2/24​)
PA-050Request for Exemption from State Mandates (2/11) | Instructions
PA-106Affidavit to Allow County to File/Transmit Reports to the Department of Revenue (4/11)
PA-107Board of Review Member Training Affidavit (2/21)
PA-115AObjection Form For Real Property Assessment | Fillable PDF (10/22)
PA-115BObjection Form For Personal Property Assessment | Fillable PDF (10/22)
PA-117Manufactured & Mobile Home Valuation Worksheet (10/23)
PA-118Statement of Manufactured & Mobile Home Monthly Municipal Permit Fee (1/12) | Fillable PDF
Statement of Assessment (4/23)
PA-632AStatement of Taxes (11/23)
PA-699/1Multiple Installment Tax Receipt (8/90)
(fill-in form)
Chargeback of Uncollected Net Personal Property Taxes PDF (3/11)
Request for Chargeback of Rescinded or Refunded Taxes (1/24) | Training video
PC-202Tax Increment Worksheet (11/23)
PC-203Instructions for Calculations in Property Tax Rolls (6/11)
PC-205Request for Sharing of Non-Manufacturing Omitted Property Tax (1/24) | Training video
PC-226Taxation District Exemption Summary Report (2/24)
PC-227Unrelated Business Income Report (8/95)
PC-500January Settlement Form - To be completed by January 15 (12/23)
January Settlement Form - includes 2023 property taxes
To be completed by January 15
PC-5052023 Special District Apportionment Form
(fill-in form)
Open Book Notice of Amended Assessment (10/22)
PR-323 | Fillable PDFGross Annual Property Expenses Report (1/13)
SL-202CCounty Levy Limit Worksheet | Instructions
SL-202MMunicipal Levy Limit Worksheet | Instructions | Blank form | Form filing video
SL-203Expenditure Restraint Program Worksheet (4/23) | Instructions
SL-204Expenditure Restraint Program Early Payment Request (9/23)
SL-304Room Tax Report (2/24)
SL-311Video Service Provider Report (6/23)
SL-320M​Municipal Fallen Protective Services Insurance Report (2/24)
SL-330Coronavirus Local Fiscal Recovery Funds Request (6/21)
SL-807Explanation for Estimates of Fair Market Value (for Tax Bill) (8/02)
 Municipal Financial Report Forms

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