1998 Corporation Tax Forms

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Form  ↓ Name/Description  ↓
Form 1CNACombined Return for Nonresident Members of Professional Athletic Teams | Instructions
Form 1CNDCombined Return for Nonresident Directors of Corporations | Instructions
Form 1CNSCombined Wisconsin Individual and Fiduciary Income Tax Return for Nonresident Tax-Option (S) Corporation Shareholders | Instructions
Form 4Corporation Franchise or Income Tax Return | Instructions
Form 4466WCorporation or Pass-Through Entity Application for Quick Refund of Overpayment of Estimated Tax and Instructions
Form 4BApportionment Data
Form 4BLNet Business Loss Carryforward and Instructions
Form 4CSeparate Accounting Data | Instructions
Form 4-ES
No Longer Available
1998 Corporation Estimated Tax Voucher | Instructions
Form 4HCorporation Declaration of Inactivity and Instructions
Form 4IInsurance Company Franchise Tax Return | Instructions
Form 4TExempt Organization Business Franchise or Income Tax Return | Instructions
Form 4UUnderpayment of Estimated Taxes by Corporations and Instructions
Form 5Corporation Franchise or Income Tax Return | Instructions
Form 5EElection by an S Corporation Not to Be Treated as a Tax-Option Corporation and Instructions
Form 5RRevocation of Election by an S Corporation Not to Be Treated as a Tax-Option Corporation with Instructions
Form 5STax-Option (S) Corporation Franchise or Income Tax Return | Instructions
Form 5S-1Tax-Option (S) Corporation Schedules
Form 8Transfers of Capital Stock and Instructions
Form 830Application for Extension of Time to File (Corporation Franchise or Income Tax Return)
Form 9bMiscellaneous Income and Instructions
Form A-222
​(Fill-In Form)
Power of Attorney and Instructions
Form CN-ESComposite Estimated Tax Voucher discontinued
Form CUCredit Union Declaration of Exempt Status
Schedule 5K-1Tax-Option (S) Corporation Shareholder's Share of Income, Deductions, etc. | Instructions
Schedule CU-1Credit Union Net Income and Instructions
Schedule DCDevelopment Zones Credit | Fill-In Form | Instructions
Schedule FCFarmland Preservation Credit Claim | Fill-In Form | Instructions
Schedule FTFarmland Tax Relief Credit and Instructions
Schedule HRHistoric Rehabilitation Credits and Instructions | Fill-In Form
Schedule RResearch Credits | Instructions
Schedule Z-1Manufacturer's Sales Tax Credits Passed Through From Other Entities | Instructions