PDF Help

​​​Some of our forms can be filled in using your computer. Forms with this option are indicated by the underlined words "Fill-In Form" after the name of the form. You must click on Fill-In Form to access this feature. Using a fill-in form does not automatically transmit a return to the department. To file electronically, please go to Online Services.

Important Notes:

How to Use Fill-In Forms

  1. Use the mouse to select (click on) a specific field.

  2. Use the Tab key to move through the fields. Shift + Tab will go to the previous field.

  3. Use the space bar or click the mouse button to mark or unmark a box.

  4. If a form is more than one page, use the scroll bar to move from page to page or click on the page buttons that appear on the forms.

  5. After filling out the form and reviewing it, select the Print button at the top of the form.

  6. Press the Clear button at the top of the form once you have completed and printed the form.

  7. Sign and mail in your completed return.

Adobe Reader Information

  1. If the Adobe Reader v.9.1 or above is not already installed on your computer, please download the free Adobe Reader below, before proceeding with step two. If you have a version earlier than 9.1, you need to upgrade to use the fill-in option.

  2. Use Adobe Reader to open the file (your browser may be configured to open the file automatically upon download). The file may be opened in two ways:

    • Online: Left click on the file link and the file will open in the Adobe Reader and you can start filling in the form.

    • Off-line: Right click on the link and save the file to your hard drive (remember where you put the file and the name). Start Adobe Reader, open the saved file and start filling in the form. If using a Macintosh, instead of right clicking, hold down the mouse button and it will display a pop-up menu. Choose "Download link to disk" and save to your hard drive.

Some taxpayers may experience problems with the Adobe Reader and its interaction with their computer. Unfortunately, the Wisconsin Department of Revenue does not have the resources available to help with individual computer problems. You should contact either Adobe or your computer manufacturer for assistance.

Adobe Reader X: It has come to our attention some taxpayers have encountered problems opening files using Adobe Reader X (v.10). If you are having difficulty opening a PDF file, below is an option that may assist you. If you continue to have difficulties, please view information available directly from Adobe's website.

January 8, 2024​​​