Assessor Certification

Under state law (sec. 73.09, Wis. Stats.), each individual who completes assessment work must have an assessor certification from the State of Wisconsin. Certification helps ensure a minimum knowledge of those who complete assessment work.

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Five Levels of Assessor Certification in Wisconsin

  1. Assessment Technician
  2. Property Appraiser
  3. Assessor 1
  4. Assessor 2
  5. Assessor 3

Required Certification Level

Each town, village, and city has an assessor with a specific certification level depending on the property's complexity. See Chapter 2 of the Wisconsin Property Assessment Manual for a list of assessor certification levels by municipality.
Certification level required is determined by the work:

  • Each certification level is authorized to complete specific types of assessment work
  • The assessment work is progressively more complex as the level of certification becomes higher
  • An individual certified at the higher level is allowed to perform work of any lower level certification. An exception is the Assessor 3 level. An Assessor 3 can only perform work associated with the Assessor 3 certification.
  • Assessor Certification is not required for clerical work.

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