Assessor Temporary Certification

​Under state law (sec. 73.09, Wis. Stats.), the Wisconsin Department of Revenue (DOR) establishes rules for temporary certification at the first level of certification (Assessment Technician) and designates functions for this certification. DOR also establishes the requirements and responsibilities for temporary certification.

  1. To obtain temporary certification:
    • Submit a written Application for Temporary Certification (Form PC-724​) to DOR for temporary certification
    • Pay $20 examination fee with the application
    • Note:
      • Temporary certification does not become effective until DOR sends an approval letter to the applicant
      • Application for Temporary Certification also serves as the individual's exam application for the next certification exam
  2. Temporary certification is effective until either of the following occurs:
    • 100 days have expired since the temporary certification became effective
    • Results are issued for the first certification exam following the effective date of the temporary certification
  3. Temporary certification requirements:
    • An individual may perform work at the Assessment Technician level under the supervision of a certified individual signing the assessment roll (sponsor)
      • Sponsor - person supervising the temporarily certified individual
        • Responsible for the work of the temporarily certified individual(s)
        • Monitors the activities of the temporarily certified individual(s) for compliance with the law
        • Responsible for adhering to the temporary certification dates
    • Applicant cannot have been previously temporarily certified
    • Applicant must have a job commitment from an assessor contracting to make the assessment, under state law (secs. 70.05(2)70.055, 70.75, Wis. Stats.)
    • No more than two individuals employed by private firms may be temporarily certified for work in the same municipality

June 13, 2017