Certifying a Course for Continuing Education

Types of courses

There are three different types of courses that may be certified for continuing education credits.

  1. Courses from a non-accredited institution
  2. Before an assessor takes a course from a non-accredited institution, the Wisconsin Department of Revenue (DOR) must approve the program for assessor continuing education credit.

    Under administrative rule (tax 12.065, Wis. Adm. Code), a Continuing Assessor Education Committee reviews the following materials and provides DOR with a recommendation:

    Complete the PM-100:

    • Course description - to determine if the subject is appropriate as appraisal, property tax law or management
    • Instructor's bio - to determine if qualified to teach the course
    • Course outline - to determine the number of hours toward continuing education

  3. Courses from an accredited institution

    Credit programs offered by an accredited institution are automatically approved for assessor continuing education credit. There is no form to complete. The conditions of Tax Rule 12.065 must be met:

    • Course - must count toward an associate or higher degree at an accredited institution of higher education
    • Course content - must be Appraisal, Property Tax Law or Management Instruction
      • Appraisal instruction: consists of appraisal knowledge, can be broad based
      • Property Tax Law or Management: consists of assessment administration
  4. Courses from a non-credit program
  5. A school or program sponsor must request approval for non-credit programs in advance. Submit an Application for Continuing Assessor Education Program (Form PM-100​) to DOR 30 days before the program begins.

April 11, 2016