Wisconsin Rate and Boundary Database Files

​​​​​ These files contain the data necessary to determine the proper Wisconsin state, county, and city sales and use taxes, premier resort area taxes, and local exposition taxes that are due on a particular transaction and are available for retailers and software companies to program into their software.

Note: Premier Resort Area Tax and Local Exposition Taxes only apply to certain sellers. For more information, see Publication 403, Premier Resort Area Tax and Publication 410, Local Exposition Taxes.

Wisconsin's rate and boundary files are updated monthly. However, retailers are only required to update their rate and boundary systems quarterly. See below for the last 4 months of files and their effective dates.

Instructions for Retailers:

You do not need to program these files into your computer systems. You may use the department's sales tax rate lookup ​to determine the tax rates that may apply to a particular transaction.

Instructions for Programmers:

These files meet the format and layout required by the Streamlined Sales Tax Governing Board (SSTGB), as explained in the Technology Guide, Chapter 5. The current Wisconsin rate and boundary database files are also available on the Streamlined Sales Tax Governing Board's ​website, however those files do not include premier resort area tax or local exposition tax rates.

The Wisconsin Rate and Boundary Files Guide, which include premier resort area taxes and local exposition district taxes, will aid in understanding the information in the database files for purposes of programming your computer systems to determine the taxes applicable to a specific street address or 9-digit zip code in Wisconsin.