Wisconsin State and Local Sales Tax Rate Look-Up

​Use this lookup to determine the state, county, and city sales and use tax rates that apply to a location in Wisconsin. This lookup does not identify all taxes that may apply such as municipal room taxes, state rental vehicle fee, etc.

Downloadable files: Wisconsin rate and boundary database files.

IMPORTANT: The City of Milwaukee sales tax begins January 1, 2024.


  • Enter the date of the transaction.
  • Enter one of the following:
    • the 9-digit zip code (Zip+4), or
    • the 5-digit zip code and the street address ​(only available for transaction dates beginning on or after 10/1/2023)
  • Tips for entering addresses:
    • Only use street number and street name
    • Do not use punctuation
    • Do not use apartment or suite numbers

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Interpreted address:

Tax TypeNameRate
Total Tax Rate{{totalRate}}

*Special Local Taxes are reported on separate returns from general sales and use taxes. To determine if you owe a special local tax and how to file and pay, see the following:

**Municipal Room Taxes are paid to the Municipality. See Municipal Room Taxesfor contact and additional information.