2021 Assessment Information and Forms

​November 2, 2020

To: Certified Assessors, Assessor List, Municipal Clerks and Treasurers, County Clerks and Treasurers, Real Property Listers and Registers of Deeds

The Wisconsin Department of Revenue (DOR) posted the following to our website:

We also posted the following 2021 forms for property tax administration:

PA-003 – Statement of Personal Property

  • Updated assessment date, year and conversion factors
  • Static, fillable, Excel versions

PE-106 – Fixed Asset Schedule

  • Updated assessment date and year
  • Static and fillable versions

PR-230 – Property Tax Exemption Request

  • Updated introduction to distinguish two separate submission requirements
  • Static and fillable versions

PR-301 – Notice of Changed Assessment

  • Updated with new language per Act 114
  • Static and fillable versions

PR-401 – Agricultural Use Value Conversion Chart Report

  • Updated layout
  • Assigned form number
  • Static and fillable versions

PR-402 – Notice of Changed Assessment and Notice of Agricultural Land Conversion Charge

  • New form
  • Static and fillable versions
  • Note:
    • PR-402 combines content from PR-301 and PR-298 into one optional form. Use the PR-402 only or the PR-301 and PR-298 to provide notice of a conversion charge
    • Both the PR-301 and PR-298 are required forms if the PR-402 is not used

If you are not using a state-prescribed version of a form, you must submit the form annually to DOR for approval. If you have questions, contact us at bapdor@wisconsin.gov.