Property Assessment Forms

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PR-800Annual Assessment Report (10/23) | Instructions
PR-402Notice of Changed Assessment and Notice of Agricultural Land Conversion Charge (10/23) | Fillable PDF
PR-401Agricultural Use Value Conversion Chart Report (4/22) | Fillable PDF
PR-302Notice of Board of Review Determination (10/22) | Fillable PDF
PR-301Notice of Changed Assessment (10/23) | Fillable PDF
PR-299Notice of Personal Property Assessment (10/17) | Fillable PDF
PR-298Agricultural Land Conversion Charge (10/15) | Fillable PDF
PR-297Open Book Notice of Amended Assessment (10/22) | Fillable PDF
PR-203Expert Assessment Resolution - 70.055 (2/00)
PA-814Request to Testify by Telephone or Submit a Sworn Written Statement at the Board of Review (BOR) (1/15) |Fillable PDF
PA-813Request for Waiver of Board of Review (BOR) Hearing (10/16) | Fillable PDF
PA-811Summary of Waiver of Board of Review Request (10/17) | Fillable PDF
PA-800Summary of Board of Review Proceedings (6/16) | Fillable PDF
PA-703Agricultural Work Card (10/01)
PA-500 (2018)Residential Property Record Card (11/17)
PA-500Residential Property Record Card (10/04)
PA-205Extension Request - Property Assessment (6/14)
PA-107Board of Review Member Training Affidavit (2/21)
PA-106Affidavit to Allow County to File/Transmit Reports to the Department of Revenue (4/11)
Agent Authorization - Property Assessment (3/18) | Fillable PDF
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