Revaluation Resources: Contract, Specifications, and List of Certified Municipal Assessment Help

The Wisconsin Department of Revenue (DOR) provides standard specifications for revaluations, as well as a sample contract that municipalities may use in the general revaluation of property. Both items are available by clicking on the appropriate links below the map.

The DOR also maintains a list of individuals and firms that have expressed interest in helping municipalities perform revaluations. The list includes their names, addresses and phone numbers, as well as which areas of the state in which they will work. This list does not include all certified individuals, only those who have asked to be included. By making this list available, DOR is not endorsing any of these individuals or firms, or vouching for the quality of their work. Any municipality using this list to hire assessment help should carefully screen candidates and review references. The DOR only attests that the individuals on this list have successfully passed an Assessor Certification examination and have registered to be placed on this list.

The list is divided into seven geographical areas of the state, each consisting of several counties. Each of those areas is distinguished on the map below by color. Click on any colored area and the list of names on that area's list will be displayed. To get a list of all the names, regardless of area, click on ALL below the map.

Wisconsin Map Area 3 MapArea 4 MapArea 5 MapArea 2 MapArea 6 MapArea 1 Map

PR-210 Standard Specifications for Revaluation (1/11)
PR-209 Sample Contract for Revaluation (4/01)
All List of all certified individuals who are willing to work in all areas of the state
  Application by certified assessors for inclusion on list