MAR Filing Requirement Information

April 10, 2019

To: General Assessors, Certified Assessors

The Wisconsin Department of Revenue (DOR) will soon add the Municipal Assessment Report (MAR) to our enhanced online filing system, My DOR Government Account (MyDORGov). All assessors must log in to MyDORGov to update their user information, confirm the municipalities they assess are correctly identified, and verify the email address matches their email in the eRETR/Manage Users system.

Complete the following steps prior to filing the MAR form during the MAR filing period.

Before entering MyDORGov to access the MAR

Now you are ready to get started

Direct electronic filing

You can file MAR forms using DOR's MAR application or by using direct electronic filing through your CAMA system if your system includes that capability. DOR provided information to CAMA vendors about changes to the direct electronic filing process:

  • Updated file schema
  • Sample files
  • Information on DOR's direct electronic filing system
  • Use of a software token instead of a WAMS ID and password

For more information, visit the Municipal Assessment Report Electronic Filing Instructions page on DOR's website.