Motor Fuel Tax e-File (XML)

Certain motor fuel tax registrants and/or their representatives may now transmit Wisconsin Motor Fuel Tax Return data in an electronic file over the Internet. This is a process intended for participants who have technical expertise to create and validate an XML document or are using software that provides that service for you.

  • using FTA Motor Fuel Uniformity Committee developed XML Schema
  • a secure process for receiving formatted electronic transmissions of listed excise tax returns
  • allowing one return per XML file
  • not using SOAP or MIME enveloping processes
  • available using the Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) debit and credit payment process
  • approved software vendors

Links below provide information about this new process.

Customer Service:
(608) 266-6701
(608) 261-7049 (FAX)

March 17, 2016