Motor Fuel Tax e-File (XML)

Certain motor fuel tax registrants and/or their representatives may now transmit Wisconsin Motor Fuel Tax Return data in an electronic file over the Internet. This is a process intended for participants who have technical expertise to create and validate an XML document or are using software that provides that service for you.

Return Information

The returns use the FTA Motor Fuel Uniformity Committee developed XML Schemas. Wisconsin will be moving to the WIMFETV4.0 schema for all returns filed after 1 October, 2020. The transmission method will continue to be via DOR's Secure FTP server. Each submission will receive an acknowledgement (acceptance or rejection notice) generally within a day. If the return is rejected, the acknowledgment we will list the reasons why it was rejected.

Payment Methods

Payment and refund options: We offer refund direct deposit capabilities and multiple options for making payments.

  • Include direct debit information along with your electronic return. You may warehouse this payment until the due date of the return
  • We offer credit card payments through our vendor site
  • Debit payments at our website through My Tax Account
  • ACH Credit

Approved Software Vendors List

Common Information for MFETV1.1 and WIMFETV4.0

MFETV1.1 Details - Current Schema

WIMFETV4.0 Details - Schema to be implemented 1 October, 2020

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June 19, 2020