Known Issues, Workarounds and Hints

  1. Each return can only contain manifests that are dated within the Tax Period Begin and End Dates.
  2. Supplemental Returns:

    Use the following method to report "Out of Period" data in what is called a Supplemental return. The key elements in a supplemental return are the period begin and end dates which must cover the manifest dates.  The TypeOfFiling will still be Original. At the Report level you will need to add an AmendedReason element.  The value should be "Supplemental".  Include only the new information that was not supplied in the original return for the period.  Supplemental Return Example.


      1. TaxPeriodBeginDate - Start of month for your supplemental manifests.
      2. TaxPeriodEndDate - End of month for your supplemental manifests.
      3. TypeOfFiling - Original - Always use Original for your supplemental returns.

    Report level:

      1. AmendedReason - Supplemental.

  3. Replace Returns:

    Replace returns are used in the rare case when a previously submitted and accepted return needs to be replaced.  When a replace file is received it will be validated against the schema and our business rules.  Acknowledgments will be generated as usual.  When the file is accepted and identified as a "Replace", it will be placed on a work list for review by an excise auditor.  Upon their approval the file will become the file of record.  To create a "Replace" file you will need to set the TypeOfFiling to "Replace".  All other schema validation rules are the same. Replace Return Example.

      1. TypeOfFiling - Replace.

  4. The StateLicenseNumber element must hold the 15 digit Wisconsin Tax Number of the motor fuel account of the filing company.
  5. Your xml return must only include reports for which you currently hold a valid permit.
  6. If your return is rejected due to a FEIN not registered with Wisconsin, please email the ID, company name, and address to, or call (608) 266-0064.

April 19, 2012