Chargeback of Rescinded or Refunded Taxes

Sec. 74.41, Wis. Stats.

  1. What is a chargeback of rescinded or refunded taxes?

  2. How do I file a chargeback of rescinded or refunded taxes?

  3. Do I need a PIN number or password to file a chargeback request?

  4. What are the requirements for submitting a request for chargeback of rescinded or refunded taxes to the Wisconsin Department of Revenue (DOR)?

  5. What if a municipality doesn't file the request by the October 1 deadline?

  6. When and who does DOR notify after making a determination?

  7. When do the affected taxing jurisdictions have to pay their amount of the chargeback to the municipality that filed the chargeback request?

  8. Does a Tax Incremental District have any effect on our chargeback determination made by DOR?

  9. Does the chargeback amount have an effect on mill rate limits?

  10. What is a Preliminary Chargeback Determination memo, and why did I receive one?

  11. Do we need to issue bills to each taxing jurisdiction?

  12. How do we know what statute relates to the rescinded or refunded tax?

  13. Should I file Form PC-200 or PC-201?

  14. Are there additional resources for the chargeback process?

  15. What do we report on the Statement of Assessment (SOA) Line 23?

  16. What do we report on the Statement of Taxes (SOT) Section I?

  17. How do we know if our municipality has a chargeback?

  18. How do we calculate the refund after the BOR certifies the value of the assessors correction?

  19. Do we need to refund interest?


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