Chargeback of Rescinded or Refunded Taxes

Sec. 74.41, Wis. Stats.

  1. What is a chargeback of rescinded or refunded taxes?

  2. How do I file a chargeback of rescinded or refunded taxes?

  3. Do I need a PIN number or password to file a chargeback request?

  4. What are the requirements for submitting a request for chargeback of rescinded or refunded taxes to the Wisconsin Department of Revenue (DOR)?

  5. What if a municipality doesn't file the request by the October 1 deadline?

  6. When and who does DOR notify after making a determination?

  7. When do the affected taxing jurisdictions have to pay their amount of the chargeback to the municipality that filed the chargeback request?

  8. Does a Tax Incremental District have any effect on our chargeback determination made by DOR?

  9. Does the chargeback amount have an effect on mill rate limits?

  10. What is a Preliminary Chargeback Determination memo, and why did I receive one?

  11. Do we need to issue bills to each taxing jurisdiction?

  12. How do we know what statute relates to the rescinded or refunded tax?

  13. Should I file Form PC-200 or PC-201?

  14. Are there additional resources for the chargeback process?

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