Claiming Homestead Credit

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  1. Do I qualify to file for homestead credit?

  2. How do I claim homestead credit?

  3. Which form do I use to file my homestead credit claim (Schedule H-EZ or Schedule H)?

  4. What is the deadline for filing my 2018 homestead credit claim?

  5. If I qualify for homestead credit for years prior to 2018, can I file a homestead credit claim for those years?

  6. Where can I obtain a homestead credit booklet with forms and instructions?

  7. Where can I obtain assistance in preparing my homestead credit claim?

  8. If my homestead credit is denied or adjusted and I disagree with the denial or adjustment notice, what should I do?

  9. What should I do if I already filed my Wisconsin income tax return and now want to file my homestead credit claim? What should I attach to my separately filed homestead credit claim?

  10. Do I need to include the interest from my funeral trust in household income?

  11. Do I need to include nontaxable military compensation received from military duty in a combat zone in household income?

  12. I have multiple businesses. How do I figure the amount of disqualified loss that is added back to household income?

  13. My rental property is subject to the passive activity loss rules. Do I need to add back both the allowed and unallowed losses as disqualified loss to household income?

  14. I am a farmer. Do I need to add back disqualified loss to my household income?

  15. How do I amend my Schedule H or H-EZ to correct an error made on the original Schedule H or H-EZ?


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December 27, 2018