Manufacturing and Agriculture Credit - A. General Questions

  1. What is the manufacturing and agriculture credit?

  2. Did Wisconsin follow the federal domestic production activities deduction (DPAD)?

  3. Who is eligible to claim the credit?

  4. Who may not claim the credit?

  5. What is the rate of credit?

  6. Is there a maximum amount of credit that may be claimed?

  7. What income producing activities do not qualify for the credit?

  8. Does income received from producing and installing real property qualify for the credit?

  9. Is the credit refundable or nonrefundable?

  10. If a partner leaves the partnership in the year following the computation of the credit, is the partner able to use the credit?

  11. Can the credit be shared with other members of a Wisconsin combined group?

  12. When must the credit be claimed?

  13. Where can I find this credit in the Wisconsin Statutes?

  14. When is a tax-option (S) corporation with a fiscal year beginning October1, 2012 and ending on September 30, 2013 eligible to claim the manufacturing and agriculture credit?

  15. How does the Department of Revenue's manufacturing assessment approval date determine the tax year in which the credit is computed and claimed for a fiscal year taxpayer?

  16. Can the manufacturing and agriculture credit offset Wisconsin alternative minimum tax?

  17. If I elect to use a 52-53 week tax year beginning on December 29, 2014 and ending on December 28, 2015, am I eligible to claim the credit in 2015?


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