Tower Company Personal Property Reported to DOR in 2017 by Municipality – now Locally-Assessed

Below is a link to a table (Excel worksheet) with a list of Wisconsin municipalities where one or more tower companies reported personal property within the municipality to the Wisconsin Department of Revenue (DOR) in 2017.

Table Information


  • Towers were reported to DOR as personal property by a municipality and valued on a schedule with a 25-year useful life
  • Original cost of all towers were reported by municipality, not by individual location
  • Multiple locations for each tower company may exist in any municipality listed
  • DOR does not have specific address information for every tower

Contact Tower Companies Directly

Assessors should use the table to identify the tower companies reporting personal property within their municipality; however, the best source of current information on specific towers and tower locations for each tower company can be found by contacting the company directly. 

We updated the list of Tower Companies No Longer Assessed by DOR posted on our website January 3, 2018, to include links to each tower company's website. Many of the tower companies are subsidiaries of American Tower, SBA or Crown Castle. Through the websites' mapping and search tools, assessors can find the location of, and detailed information on, the towers in their municipalities. The FCC also has an excellent website for tower information.

Other resources for tower information: