Assessor Recertification

An assessor certification expires five years after the date it is issued. To maintain your certification, under state law (sec. 73.09(4), Wis. Stats.), you must attend annual assessor meetings and meet continuing education requirements.

Two options to become recertified:

  1. Attend the Annual Assessor Meeting, take continuing education courses and submit recertification application

    You must:

    1. Attend at least four Annual Assessor Meetings held by the Wisconsin Department of Revenue (DOR) during your five-year certification period
      • Annual Assessor Meetings are held at locations throughout the state
      • The information is also available on DOR's website for credit
      • Participants receive a certificate of attendance

    2. Meet the continuing education requirements
      • Attend the entire approved course during your current certification period (at least two months before it expires)
      • Course cannot begin before your certification start date
      • Course must be at least 2.5 hours in length
      • You cannot repeat a course during the same certification period. You can only apply continuing education hours toward recertification one time for each program during a certification period.
      • Continuing education information

      Continuing Education Requirements by Certification Level

      Certification LevelAppraisalProperty Tax Law or
      Total Program
      Hours Required
      Assessment Technician000
      Property Appraiser20020
      Assessor 1151530
      Assessor 2151530
      Assessor 332730

    3. Complete and submit the Application for Recertification of Assessment Personnel (Form PM-112) to DOR
      • Enter - any items missing from the Assessor Education Inquiry
      • Timely submit - completed application to DOR at least 60 days before your certification expires
      • Keep grade reports and certificates of attendance; use these to complete application
      • If you take a course from an accredited institution, you must provide DOR with the following:
        • Evidence you completed the class within 30 days after course completion
        • Your grade - satisfactory completion is receiving a passing grade
        • Note: Auditing a credit program does not satisfy the satisfactory completion requirement

  2. Pass the certification examination
    Register, take, and pass a certification exam. Visit the Assessor Certification page for more information.

  3. Note: This option is not available for certifications issued on or after June 1, 2016. For more information, review DOR's summary of Act 216.

May 16, 2018