Marketplace Providers and Sellers

​Provisions Effective January 1, 2020

2019 Wis. Act 10 clarifies that a marketplace provider is required to collect and remit sales or use tax for all sales of taxable products and services in Wisconsin that the marketplace provider facilitates on behalf of a marketplace seller, as provided in secs. 77.52(3m)(a) and 77.523(1), Wis. Stats.

The Act also reverses the effect of the decision in Orbitz, LLC vs. Wisconsin Department of Revenue, (Wisconsin Court of Appeals, District IV, February 11, 2016) by requiring marketplace providers that facilitate sales of all services under sec. 77.52(2), Wis. Stats., including lodging services, to collect and remit sales or use tax on the entire amount charged to a purchaser, as provided in sec. 77.52(3m)(a), Wis. Stats.

Note: For sales made prior to January 1, 2020, both the marketplace and third-party seller may be liable on taxable sales. See this article for additional information.

Applicable Laws and Rules

This document provides statements or interpretations of the following laws and regulations enacted as of June 22, 2020: Sections 77.52 and 77.523, Wis. Stats.

Laws enacted and in effect after June 22, 2020, new administrative rules, and court decisions may change the interpretations in this document. Guidance issued prior to June 22, 2020, that is contrary to the information in this document is superseded by this document, pursuant to sec. 73.16(2)(a), Wis. Stats.

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Guidance Document Number: 100223

June 22, 2020​