Private Light, Heat, and Power Company Forms

​​​​​​Light, heat and power companies should file these forms on or before March 1 each year, under sec. 76.28(7), Wis. Stats. In lieu of general property tax, the company must pay an annual license fee (assessed by the Wisconsin Department of Revenue) on or before May 1. The fee is based on the gross revenues of the preceding calendar year, per sec. 76.28(1)(d), Wis. Stats.

Light, Heat and Power Company's Annual Report for License Fee Purposes (1/22) (now in My Tax Account)
UT-149Operating, Utility Real Property (10/21)
UT-149NONon-Operating Utility Real Property (10/21)
Utility Company Assets Report (e-file form) (4/24​)
(now in My Tax Account)​

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