Board of Review Training

​​​​​Under state law (sec. 70.46(4), Wis. Stats.), one voting member from each local Board of Review (BOR) must attend a training session (approved by the Wisconsin Department of Revenue (sec. 73.03(55), Wis. Stats.)), within two years of the board's first meeting. That member must be the municipality's chief executive officer or that officer's designee.

  1. Training Opportunities
    The following sponsors offer approved training. If you are interested in attending a program, contact the sponsor to confirm availability.

  2. Training Affidavit (Form PA-107)
    As a municipal clerk, you must submit a completed BOR Member Training Affidavit to the Wisconsin Department of Revenue.
    • After you complete the affidavit, you will see a confirmation page
    • Save and print a copy of the affidavit, and send to the BOR before its first meeting (sec. 70.46 (4), Wis. Stats.)
    • If you don't submit the training affidavit to the Wisconsin Department of Revenue, the BOR may not be valid

Training Affidavit

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January 30, 2018